Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Healing my Dehydrated Skin

1. No AC
    Air Conditioner is very drying
2. No harsh soap
    Minimal cleansing for the skin, I tried not to wash my face in the morning whenever possible.
3. Drink water
4. Ceramide serum and supplement
5. Omega-3 supplement

Hopefully in three months I got a better skin 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

How to be in the now when you are bored

Noticing and stopping when you feel bored is one good achievement. We live in a fast world, and with our smart phones, TV and shopping malls we constantly feed our impulses, when truly we just can't  bear living in a still.
I am baffled myself, and building this tips of how we not fight it (we can't), but embrace it.

1. Surrender
    By paying a close attention of how bodily feels, the stream of our mind. This is one important, clear up  expectation: something is coming up, I am waiting for this, when I do this I hope I can get inspiration of what should I do. Dedicate a stretch of time of me not expecting anything.
The time frame can be differ. When you are bored of today, a weekend with no activity then give yourself a 30 minutes or longer time of no expectation. When you are bored of your life situation, challenge yourself of a week or a month of no expectation.
2. Gratitude meditation
    Cultivate gratitude isn't an easy job. Some sources made us depends of materialism and joyful things happen in life. Can you be grateful of something bad, though? Soren Kierkegard said life can be understood looking backward; this, hopefully ends to a conclusion that everything in life is blessing in disguise. We can contemplate on that.
3. Take care of yourself
    Look in the mirror, and think, how do you want to take care of yourself today? Please refrain from enlist the lack or making shopping list. Instead, example such as, a nice warm bath, a good cup of iced tea, lining up clothes for tomorrow's wear, or experimenting on new make up - little things. In a way make that a meditation - that is when you are fully there when you are doing it.
4. A personal tip from myself - clean up your surrounding.
 This is a fengshui tip. With clean space we have clear head, mood. It works for me. Please also make this a meditation practice.

P.S I am feeling bored prior to writing this and googled the way to overcome it. Turns out a productive one.